Naked 100% Juice Smoothie Green Machine

Flavored blend of 5 juices partially from concentrate with added ingredients & other natural flavors. 270 calories per bottle. Vegan (Visit our website for more information on our vegan claim). No sugar added (Not a low calorie food. See nutrition panel for information on sugar and calorie content). No preservatives added. Non GMO Project verified. Packed with vitamin C. All sugars come from the fruit and/or vegetables. Gently pasturized. Juices from (per bottle): 2-3/4 apple; 1/3 mango; 1/12 pineapple; 1/2 banana; 1/3 kiwi. Boosted with (per bottle): 1335mg spirulina; 409mg alfalfa; 102mg broccoli; 102mg spinach; 76mg barley grass, 76mg wheat grass; 51mg ginger, 51mg parsley; 51mg kale; 51mg garlic. 100% delicious. Questions or comments call (877) 858-4237. We've given over $3,000,000 to help communities in need since 2013. The goodness outside. Our renewabottle is 100% recycled plastic - continue the cycle and recycle! To get involved, go to We use Rainforest Alliance Certified bananas and pineapples in our smoothies. Please recycle. 100% recycled. 100% recyclable.