Lewis 1/2 Pack Hawiian Burger Buns

Special recipe buns. Family bakers since 1925. Since 1925, the Lewis family has dedicated themselves to baking delicious and nutritious bakery products. Lewis Bakeries is an honest, hard-working, family-owned company that is devoted to producing high quality products. Our aim has always been twofold: respond to consumers' needs, and produce the very best bakery foods. Per 1 Bun Serving: 140 calories; 0 g sat fat (0% DV); 170 mg sodium (7% DV); 7 g sugars. Low fat. No trans fat. Saturated fat free. Cholesterol free. Excellent source of thiamin (Vitamin B1). Good source of riboflavin (Vitamin B2). Good source of niacin (Vitamin B3). Good source of folate (Vitamin B9). No high fructose corn syrup.