Cracker Barrel Sharp Yellow Cheddar Cheese Block, 8 oz Wrapper

110 calories per 1 oz. Contains 0 g lactose per serving. See nutritional information for fat and saturated fat content. Our rich & bold cheddar, perfect for pairing. Cracker Barrel Sharp Yellow Cheddar Cheese Block is smooth and creamy, providing a perfectly balanced flavor that tempts your taste buds. With a distinctive taste, this sharp cheddar cheese block makes a great addition to any cheese platter, served alongside pineapple, pistachios and Serrano ham to keep your guests nibbling happily. Delight your friends on wine and cheese night, or grate this extra sharp cheese over salad or pasta to add a rich and delicious cheese flavor. This sharp cheddar cheese contains 110 calories per serving. Each wrapped package contains one 8 ounce block of cheese for easy slicing.