Drake's Cherry Fruit Pies

Pies with filling with real cherries. Made with Michigan cherries. Naturally & artificially flavored. Contains a bioengineered food ingredient. Since 1896. New look, same great taste! May contain pits. Individually wrapped. A family bakery. Launched in 1926. Still a favorite today. Memories in every box. Family Heritage: 1896 Newman Drake starts the N.E. Drake Baking Company. 1926 Drake's Devil Dogs burst into the snack cake scene. 1928 Yankee Doodles, the delicious Drake's cupcakes, are introduced. 1958 Drake's launches the often imitated, never duplicated Ring Dings. 1961 Peanut butter Funny Bones start tickling the fancies of cake lovers. 1962 Drake's rolls out Yodels the rolled devil's food and creme-filled cakes. 1981 Consumers vote to name the Drake's duck mascot Webster. 2016 Drake's celebrates 120 years of delicious tradition Freshness guaranteed. drakescake.com. To see more Drake's history, visit drakescake.com and follow us on: Facebook. Instagram. Twitter. Questions or comments, call 1-855-403-7253. 1-855-40-Drake. Please recycle this carton.