Hamm's Beer 24 fl oz

America's classic premium lager, Hamm's American-Style Lager Light Beer, was born in the land of sky blue waters. Brewed in true family tradition from purest water and choicest barley malt, grains and hops. It's extremely balanced taste is sparkling and refreshing, with a hint of hops and 4.7% ABV. Founded in St Paul Minnesota in 1865, Hamm’s beer was a top 10 beer brand in the 1960s and remains authentic to its original heritage, in fact, the cans have looked the same for 40 years. A classic American lager beer, Hamm's pairs well with a wide range of deliciously unpretentious comfort foods—fried apps, mild cheeses and shellfish especially. Plus, we all know Hamm’s beer is a brats’ best friend. Pick up a 1 pack of 24 fl oz can today. It's perfect for hanging out with family and friends.