Glad Flex N Seal Gallon Storage Zipper Bags 35 ea

35 bags gallon size (3.78 l) 10-9/16 inch x 10-3/4 inch (26.8 cm x 27.3 cm). To lock stretches in freshness. Helps prevent rips and tears. Made with less plastic (vs. similar sized Glad standard food bags). Pre-stretch dimension, post-stretch possibilities. Use it for. Marinating. Travel. Microwave (For defrosting and reheating foods: Open zipper about an inch (2 or 3 cm) to vent, and place bag on a microwave-safe plate). Stretches to hold 30% more (Compared to similar sized standard Glad food storage bags). Glad and Glad-lock - the names you've grown to trust. See our website for more ways to use Glad bags. Questions or comments? Visit our website or give us a call. 1-800-835-4523. BPA-free (Product not formulated with BPA (Bisphenol A)). Environmental Facts: Clean, dry bags are recyclable where facilities exist, including at participating retailers. Please recycle this paperboard carton. Made in Thailand.