Eckrich Jumbo Franks

Eckrich Jumbo Franks are a juicy and flavorful jumbo sized hot dog everyone will enjoy. Heat and serve these jumbo franks whole or sliced, just the way you like them. Made with high-quality chicken and pork, these classic franks are sure to satisfy hot dog lovers at your next backyard BBQ or family meal. Fully cooked and easy to prepare in minutes, these jumbo hot dogs save you time in the kitchen or at the cookout. Heat them in the microwave or on the stovetop for a quick snack for the kids or the whole family, or start your next outdoor party off right with grilled hot dogs. For extra convenience, these franks are sealed in a cellophane package to help maintain freshness until you're ready to serve them. Keep them refrigerated and consume within seven days after opening the package. Craftsmanship, care and pride are guaranteed with every Eckrich product.