Taco Bell Verde Salsa , 7.5 oz Bottle

10 calories per 2 tbsp. See nutrition information for sodium content. Happiness inside. kraftheinzcompany.com. Contact us at: 1-800-695-8226. For other great tips and recipe ideas, visit kraftheinzcompany.com. Glass recycles. Taco Bell Verde Salsa delivers on that signature restaurant-quality taste of Taco Bell sauce. Refreshingly tangy with a spicy kick, this bold sauce combines jalapeno peppers, green chili puree and tomatillos for a flavor fiesta. This delicious green salsa comes ready to pour and enjoy right out of the bottle, and is perfect for dipping or pouring over your favorite Mexican style dishes. Use it to add a tangy flavor boost to tacos, chicken enchiladas or a party plate of tortilla chips. Combine it with other Taco Bell sauces for even more zesty flavor. This resealable 7.5 ounce bottle lets you pour the perfect amount of salsa verde taco sauce every time. Refrigerate after opening.