Spice Classics Crushed Red Pepper, 1.75 oz

Spice Classics® Crushed Red Pepper flakes feature a zesty, fiery flavor and slightly fruity aroma. When you use Spice Classics® Crushed Red Pepper in your kitchen, you can benefit from: - Quality flavor: A controlled supply chain helps ensure every flake in this red pepper seasoning delivers quality chili pepper flavor. Spice Classics® Crushed Red Pepper is also kosher, so you can confidently offer it to all your guests. - Visual appeal: These crushed red pepper flakes have a deep red color accented with pops of bright yellow. When added as a finishing touch to a dish, the seasoning provides exciting texture and appealing color. Spice Classics® Crushed Red Pepper gives a hot blast of quality flavor to: - Shrimp Fra Diavolo pasta - Crispy calamari with lemon and crushed red pepper aioli - Rustic Italian pizza with sausage and peppers - Linguine with roasted red peppers, tomatoes and toasted breadcrumbs - Vegan roasted red pepper strata Spice Classics® Crushed Red Pepper has a long shelf life when stored tightly closed in a cool, dry place to protect against flavor loss and moisture. To maintain the product's flavor and color, avoid exposing it to heat, humidity, direct sunlight and fluorescent light. You should also use dry measuring spoons and cups to ensure optimal product integrity.