Skittles Sour Candies

The original rainbow you’ve been waiting to taste again! Sorry, it took so long, but SKITTLES Sour chewy candy welcomes back the citrus flavor, Lime. This full size bag of SKITTLES Sour candy is packed with the classic sour variety flavors, including sour strawberry, sour lemon, sour orange, sour grape, and sour lime. This bite size fruity candy assortment is a deliciously sweet and sour candy treat. Enjoy SKITTLES sour chewy candy while watching a movie, while playing the game or while scrolling through your favorite timeline. Drop a bag of SKITTLES Sour in your work bag, lunchbox, or backpack to bring chewy candy fun to your day. Share Sour SKITTLES with family and friends as a snack or to decorate your favorite baked goods recipe. There's no wrong way to enjoy the fruity, mouth-watering taste of SKITTLES Sour candy assortment especially now that Lime is back. It’s time to celebrate the return of LIME SKITTLES! Order your bag of SKITTLES Sour candy today and reintroduce your taste buds to the original taste of the rainbow.